The search for clothing and shoes when you are very tall

by lifewithgodshelp

This was highlighted as a problem by one of my friends earlier today and what came from it was a productive discussion which has led me to write this piece in the hopes that it will make your lives a little easier.

I have added links to the blog already for both (that are not showing up for me annoyingly) and also for  I have no experience of shopping with either of these or with another I found from a web search called Tall Clothing Mall whose site address is

Also check out according to their website they have a SALE on (accurate at time of publication).

*NEW EDIT* For specialist footwear for those with foot issues try these three, provided by Sonja from the Marfan Support Group on Facebook)

This is also a good source of information too.  The National Marfan Foundations teen section.  Enjoy.


I personally don’t have a problem being only 5’10” but my daughter is just over 6′ and takes a larger shoe also so I know she has had problems and I wanted to try to make your lives a little easier if I could.  We all know life is hard enough as it is without extra unneeded hassles that we can avoid if we put our heads together on resources that we use in our individual lives.  I will of course continue to add to this section names and if required, once people have used a site, I am willing to collect and publish reviews of products and services to better identify the best outlets, all you need do is tell me about your shopping experience with a specific site.

I am also told that Nike Factory Outlets do shoe sizes up to size 20 (yes that is TWENTY) although I understand they are priced above ‘normal’ but if you can’t get footwear then it could be worth paying the prices they are asking.

During this quest I also found details of an author called Arianne Cohen who is 6’4″ and has written a book about living as a tall woman.  The site made it look very interesting and I thought I would mention it in passing in case any of you wanted to consider it for purchase.  The web addy is

I am going to leave this one here for the moment but I will happily add other links both to my blog and into the body of the text of this post.